New Boiler Replacement in Heathfield

Posted in on June 28, 2017

As ever, Greener Plumbing and Heating are busy with boiler servicing as well as boiler replacements. We are in the process of installing a new boiler replacement in Heathfield this week, for a new customer to Greener Plumbing Ltd.

nest-deviceThis new project is being shared by two of our most experienced engineers, Craig and Joseph. The system has been drained down and the existing boiler and cylinder removed. The system has been converted to mains pressure and they have installed and commissioned a new unvented cylinder for hot water and a Worcester System boiler.

Joseph chose to use a Nest thermostat as his preferred device. Nest Thermostats work with you, adapting to your lifestyle. You turn down the heating on your way to bed. Nest takes note and starts building your schedule – 20º in the afternoon, 18º at night. After you’ve turned up the heating for a few days in a row, Nest has learned that you like eating breakfast at 20º. So now it warms up the house as you get out of bed. You’re off to work. The Nest Thermostat can use sensors and your phone’s location to check if you’ve left, then sets itself to Eco Temperatures to save energy. You can also control your hot water tank with the Nest Thermostat. It comes with a hot water schedule – which is adjusted from the Nest app.

Craig has dealt with all electrics, including wiring up the immersion for the new unvented cylinder as well as the new Nest thermostat.

This is an ideal job for Greener Plumbing Ltd as we can help with all aspects of heating as well as electrical work. If you need advice about a new boiler installation, or purely an annual boiler service, then please either call us on 01435 868988. Or if it is easier, then send us an email or fill in our contact form and someone will be back in touch with you.